Sell HOS flats in the HOS Secondary Market

HOS flat owners, from the third year onwards from the date of first assignment, may sell their flat in the HOS Secondary Market to tenants of rental housing estates managed by the HA or the Housing Society (HS), authorized residents of Interim Housing managed by HA, or holders of Green Form Certificate issued by the HD without payment of a premium to the HA.

Flat owners may obtain application form of Certificate of Availability for Sale from District Tenancy Management Offices, and the Home Assistance Loan Unit. The completed application form should be submitted to the District Tenancy Management Offices concerned together with application fee and a copy of the Deed of Assignment.

The application fee shall be paid in the form of a crossed cheque / cashier order payable to the "Hong Kong Housing Authority" (existing charge is $620). A Certificate of Availability for Sale will be issued to the HOS flat owner after the HD has verified the application.

Owners who have sold their flats, and their spouses are not eligible to join any of the subsidized housing scheme administered by the HA (including public rental housing, HOS, PSPS, HALS, HOS Secondary Market Scheme, TPS) and any subsidized scheme administered by the HS.